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Mickie Brown RN, HN-BC

Mickie is Clinical Manager for Education, Mindfulness and Patient Well – Being at the Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health and the World Trade Center Health Program at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. Mickie began her career at Mount Sinai in 2001 where she has continued to grow and evolve through her commitment to delivering excellent patient care to the responders who cleaned up the World Trade Center site. The stress of unknown health consequences was apparent in the responders as Mickie recorded their medical history. This commitment to caring and her drive to alleviate distress, compelled her to expand her knowledge of Mind Body Medicine.  In 2007 she began her training at the Center for Mind Body Medicine with James Gordon, MD where she received her certification in Mind Body Medicine in 2011. Mickie taught this protocol to the WTC responders and was Principal Investigator of a research study to determine whether the practice of Mind Body skills created a shift in the asthmatic symptom profile.

Mickie’s personal meditation practice transitioned to Mindfulness and so in 2012 she began training in Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness (CFM). Today Mickie is a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher having completed extensive training from CFM at U of MA. Currently Mickie is teaching MBSR for faculty of the Mount Sinai Health System as well as outside the health system.

During her career at The World Trade Center Health Program, Mickie transitioned from a Clinical Coordinator to Deputy Nurse Manager. Leadership provided Mickie with awareness of the stress of leadership as well as the stressors encountered by employees. This insight has provided her with the ability to deeply understand the resources leaders and employees can implement at many levels and the capacity to bring this into her teaching. This is reflected in the presentations Mickie has provided for corporations where she speaks about stress in highly stimulating environments and how to not just survive but thrive”.

Having experienced the power of mindfulness in her own life, Mickie is passionate about sharing it with others. Currently, Mickie teaches weekly Mindfulness programs at New York Eye and Ear, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Mount Sinai Corporate Office for Mount Sinai Calm. As well, Mickie teaches interns, residents and fellows in the Mount Sinai Health System mindfulness skills to use throughout their day.

Mickie has been involved in creating Mindfulness curriculums for Mount Sinai CALM as well as a collaborator in creating the Mindfulness curriculum currently being taught for Graduate Medical Education at Mount Sinai.

Mickie is a graduate of the Edmonton General Hospital School of Nursing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a Registered Nurse in NY state and a Board Certified Holistic Nurse by the American Holistic Nurse Association.

Additional certifications, qualifications and coursework completed include:

2016: Qualified MBSR Teacher Center for Mindfulness (University of Massachusetts)

2012: Professional Education program in Clinical Biofeedback – Health Training Seminars, a division of Biofeedback Resources International Corporation

2011: Certification in Mind - Body Medicine Skillswww.cmbm.org

2001: Certified hypnotherapist  - International Network for Alternative & Intuitive Therapies, Inc.  New York, NY

1998: First degree course in Usui System of Reiki Healing