Alicia- “Fantastic course! You always came prepared and your voice is so soothing, warm and kind and was so grounding. I have taken this course before and all I can say is that the leader DOES make a difference. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about mindfulness. Thank you”

Elbert Ma: “Mickie has a natural gift of sharing the teachings of MBSR. Her knowledge of mindfulness is endless and her way of teaching is easy to follow and retain. Mickie creates a safe environment for participants of all different backgrounds and levels to safely explore the many gifts that mindfulness meditation has to offer. I highly recommend the transformative experience that is the MBSR class taught by Mickie.” 

Madeline Snow Hayden “ The MBSR coarse was incredible. Mickie was amazing. I have never learned so much in a class. It was life changing for me. My relationships are better… life is richer. I am so much more grateful. Mickie is a truly wonderful leader and mentor.


LindsayMickie’s MBSR course helped me to open my eyes to areas of my life and my daily routine that I didn’t know existed. Throughout the course I felt myself getting lighter and lighter with increased awareness of my choices and how I choose to go through my day.”


Emily Steinberg: “Mickie brings such wisdom and compassion to her teaching and is an incredible teacher of this powerful concept in living. I will remember these lessons always. She embodies the work and serves as a wonderful role model to myself and all who she touches. Thank you for the hard work you put in to share this course. Your teaching truly captures the deepest we can get as humans”


Bonnie: “This was a wonderful course given by a truly competent and calming instructor. She creates an atmosphere of openness and guidance, along with extensive information that makes mindfulness accessible and practical.”


Iris: “Great course!! I was skeptical at first, but I did get a lot out of it. I think I became more appreciative of the things I have and am not so focused on what’s missing. The course was well structured and organized. Mickie is an excellent teacher – open, adaptable, knowledgeable and dedicated.”


Emily K: – Thank you!! The course has been mind opening for me! I felt very supported and comforted by you! You have nurtured and instructed us, and perhaps most of all, modeled what you are teaching. I hope to hold on to what you’ve shared with us and make it my own.


Lesley Koeppel: “I loved everything about this course. The meditations and body scan were a gift. The selection of videos was also great…there is a huge amount of material “out there” but Mickie, you found perfect and appropriate material that went along with your teachings. Thank you Mickie! You have such a beautiful soul and it shines through in your passion for sharing this knowledge with us. YOU made this course what is so special”.


Yephat Kivitz: Amazing, life changing course. The content and process of the course brings together key elements most crucial to a healthy living. Mickie is inspiring and creates a peaceful atmosphere in which everyone feels safe, accepted and connected. The course opens the door to self exploration and brings hope for meaningful changes.”