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  • COPPER BEECH INSTITUTE 303 Tunxis Road West Hartford, CT, 06107 United States (map)

I am very excited to be leading a retreat with Krishna Dholakia at Copper Beech Institute this summer! This program will look deeply at the root of well-being through mindfulness, yoga and nutrition all supporting self-care.  Learn more here:

I hope you can join me and Krishna in this beautiful, peaceful setting in Hartford, CT.

Here are testimonials from the same workshop we conducted in NYC in June.

 “I really enjoyed our workshop today. It was very educational and informative. I will try to apply whatever I learned today in my every day life. Mindfulness and yoga practices were amazing! Nutritional part was very informative. I definitely recommend attending this workshop!”~ Flora Nizamova

Thank you so much for this day! I am excited to apply what I learned to my life. It really resonated with me how you discussed the relationship with neuroplasticity and the power we have to create positive neuroplasticity.” ~Lindsey Marchi

“I decided to attend the workshop because I was overwhelmed with obligations in my life. I am a full time student who works full time with a teenage son with so many obligations, I neglected myself, which resulted in increased stress and anxiety. This workshop provided me with seamless tools that I can incorporate into my everyday life to promote self love and to decrease stress and anxiety. With these tools and strategies I learned today, I anticipate a healthier life style for myself. Thank you.” ~ Valicia

“I gained a deeper understanding of mindfulness and I am rich with new knowledge about myself and the strategies I can use to manage stress, balance life’s demands and most importantly acknowledge and welcome the humanness of emotions.~ Shawna Townsend

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop!  The skills I learned are invaluable. I enjoyed this workshop because it teaches me how to care for myself using a variety of realistic techniques. I liked how nutrition and exercise were factored into the class instead of only mindful meditation. ~ Kate Begonia

“I found this workshop to be eye opening in certain aspects of my life. I love the way it was directed. Everything I have learned today, I’ll be incorporating into my daily routine”. ~ Anna Mucha